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About Us

Serving the Coachella Valley Since 1988

THE CURB CREATOR is a fully licensed contractor specializing in the installation of concrete mow strips, curbing.  Our process is unique for the fact that we have eliminated the need for setting forms.  THE CURB CREATOR has numerous state of the art extruding machines.  This process not only produces a cleaner more efficient curb, but is also approximately one third the price of formed curbing.

Most installations are completed in just a few hours, without disturbing existing landscape.  We offer a variety of styles, sizes, colors and stamped textures.  Our design staff can assist in transforming your yard into a showplace, this is done at no additional cost to you our customer.  THE CURB CREATOR installs curbing in both residential and commercial projects.

In residential projects THE CURB CREATOR renovates existing landscapes by defining the boundaries and adding shape to the yard.  Curbing saves time on maintenance providing a permanent edge for mowing.  Curbing serves as a root barrier separating lawn from planter beds. THE CURB CREATOR provides a border that will not rot, rust, or deteriorate like wood, plastic and steel.  Curbing provides that enhancement that will set your yard above others.

In commercial projects curbing serves the same purpose as in residential applications.  For the benefits it provides, curbing has been recognized and well accepted by architects and contractors within the construction industry.  It is now required in the majority of new construction.  Many home owner’s associations have also realized the benefits with curbing, they have discovered the savings with the one time installation of curbing as opposed to replacing wood & plastic borders every couple of years.

THE CURB CREATOR has been established in the Coachella Valley since 1988.  We are the major provider in the installation of extruded curbing to the resort communities of Palm Springs.  With the completion of well over 10,000 jobs we are proud to say that our customers are our best advertisers.  Our quality craftsmanship is of the highest because our crews have the expertise and experience that can only be gained through years of installations.

We are very competitive in our pricing and confident in our workmanship.  Whether you are a homeowner looking to have curbing installed in your yard, or a contractor in need of several thousands feet of curbing, THE CURB CREATOR values your business.  Allow us to transform your landscape into a beautiful masterpiece.

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