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  • Tired of mowing grass, or paying someone else to do it for you?
  • Ready to eliminate those excessively high water bills?
  • Desiring a lawn that stays lush and green all year long?

 The answer is simple, Artificial Grass!

Creative Turf uses the highest quality artificial grass, manufactured right here in the U.S.  Our products are 100% lead free, unlike those sold by many other companies.  There is virtually no maintenance with artificial grass, you can have the look and feel of real grass without all the associated expenses and headaches.  Your grass may need an occasional cleaning, consisting of brooming, or simply blowing leaves and debris off.  However, your days of yard work can come to an end.

Our grass is made of polyethylene, the most common plastic and/or polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer used in every day plastics, safe for kids, the environment and is also pet friendly.  All of our artificial grass has a UV protection coating to withstand the harsh desert sun against fading and now there is even an artificial grass with built in heat block technology. This is great for the desert! Creative Turf’s artificial grass suppliers offer a limited fifteen year warranty, however, with proper care, your artificial grass should provide you with 15-25 years of enjoyment.

This is an example of the dramatic difference artificial grass can make. This homeowner called Creative Turf for help with their backyard.  As you can see, Creative Turf transformed this yard, turning it in to a showplace with the addition of curbing and artificial grass.


Creative Turf can do the same for your yard, call us today!


Whether you are looking to install several thousand square feet of artificial grass, or a very small section, Creative Turf is your proven source for quality products and workmanship.

Dan Eaglin, owner of Creative Turf, personally handles all estimates and oversees all work projects.  During a consultation of your yard, you can select from a wide variety of grass weights, textures and tones.  We will have something that suits your needs exactly.


Back yards, front yards, dog runs, Creative Turf carries a product that fits each application.  This house in Palm Desert is an example of a front yard that was converted from natural grass to a water wise lush green artificial lawn.

The Installation Process


Depending on what type of landscape is in place, the grass, rock or dirt is excavated approximately 3-4″ below grade and hauled from the site. All irrigation heads are capped off at the pipe. Artificial grass generally comes in 15′ widths, part of the early process is to determine exactly how much grass is needed, laying the grass ensuring that the blades all go in the same direction and minimizing waste.

Base material is spread
Once the demo is complete, a 3-4″ layer of base material is placed. The base material consists of either Class II material which is a 3/4″ rock and fine material, and/or decomposed granite. This base layer provides a good firm surface for the grass and ensures proper drainage.
Base material is graded

The base material is graded to the desired contour and compacted with a vibrating plate compactor.  The surface is watered and compacted several times until it is very firm.

Artificial grass is measured

After laying a weed block material, the artificial grass is measured, cut and fitted to specific areas.

Artificial grass is stretched
The grass is then stretched, cut and nailed in place along the perimeter with 6″ nails spaced every 4-6″.
Distribute silica sand over artificial grass

The final step involves installing the infill and power brushing the turf.  Depending on the weight of the installed turf, approximately 1-2 lbs of sand per sq. ft. is installed within the turf. We lay this in an even layer with a drop spreader and the sand serves several purposes.  Even though the turf is streched and nailed in place, the sand provides weight to ensure there is no wrinkling in the expansion and contraction with temperature changes.  The sand also protects the backing from the Sun and helps the fibers remain upright. For pet applications, Zeofill, a pet deodorizer can be substituted for the Silica sand.

Artificial grass finished product
Finally, your finished product, an outstanding lawn that will retain that green, fresh mowed look every day for years to come.

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